MasterClass: Alexis Ohanian
Graphics Package



Designed and Produced


Alexis Ohanian, an American internet entrepreneur and investor, gained widespread recognition as the co-founder and former executive chairman of Reddit, one of the internet's most influential platforms. In his MasterClass, he offers invaluable insights where he imparts the knowledge and strategies necessary to transform innovative ideas into successful startups. I had the privilege of contributing to the design process by creating two initial concepts for his class graphics. These concepts were meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of Ohanian's teachings and effectively communicate the journey from ideation to execution in the startup world.
Concept 1
Embracing the narrative of Reddit's origin, this creative direction tells the story of how seemingly small and random ideas can blossom into innovation. It captures the essence of transformation, emphasizing the unpredictable and dynamic nature of creativity.
Concept 2
In this direction, we explore various UI elements to offer a glimpse into Alexis's day-to-day activities. Each interface captures different aspects of his routine, showcasing the seamless intersection of his ideas.
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