MasterClass: Parris Goebel
Graphics Package

Design + Animation


Designed and Produced


Parris Goebel is a New Zealand choreographer and the founder of the dance school, “The Palace Dance Studio.” Her MasterClass teaches a unique window into her creative process, from the inner work she’s done to hone her style to a breakdown of how she choreographs live dance performances and dance videos. Inspired by the set design, graphics package portraits dancers and their movement in an abstract and graphic way.
Concept 1

Inspired by the set design of the class, this direction transports students to Parris’s vibrant world. We see reflective images of powerful dancers from B-roll projected onto simple graphic shapes representing mirrors on set. There would be animated typography and color changes to accentuate her bold choreography style.
Concept 2
'Spotlight on'

In this direction, we look to Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty opening show for inspiration. We see a series of silhouettes of different dancers in the glowy windows, and then each window highlights important keywords of the class. There would be constant movement, and color changes inside of windows to emulate Parris’s choreography and music. Colorful windows would be used to build chapter titles.
Concept 3

Parris’s choreography is very graphic. She loves creating symmetry and shapes within her dance moves. To represent her choreography style, we use simple shapes to create certain choreography formations - V formation, straight line, diagonal line, etc. Simple shapes and bold colors would be used to reveal the Chapter titles.
Final Graphics Package
I developed the final look and feel of the overall graphics package, including the intro title, chapters, subchapters, lower thirds, and custom graphics to visualize dance formations. Geometric shapes, symbolizing dancers, served as the central graphic elements. Vibrant gradient colors were incorporated to emphasize the dancers' energy, while the motion was designed to capture their movements. The addition of stylized footage of dancers revealed by moving shapes introduced dynamism to the overall design.