PointCard™ Neon
Motion System + Branding + Social

Motion Design


PointCard™ is a fintech company providing modern banking services. Their first product, is the premier debit card with unlimited cash-back and benefits. As a motion designer focusing on the brand identity system, I collaborated with Product, Marketing, and Social, DEV teams to design motion languages and create assets to support the product.
Motion system + branding
Neon provides 4 different color editions, Runway Yellow, Dam Orange, Morning Blush (pink), and Meridian Blue. To reflect the physicality of actual cards, I established three motion languages—Vibrant, Playful, and Fluid. The Neon gradient, serving as the primary motion language, is designed for seamless integration across various platforms, including mobile and web. Additionally, I observed real-life spending interactions, such as inserting, sliding, and tapping cards, and translated these motions into the digital realm to create a comprehensive motion system.
To increase product engagement, the social team launched Points Party and Giveaway events, allowing users to participate, with winners receiving points. I was brought in to create fun, kinetic typography social posts to encourage users to join the events.
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